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No other day in your life would be as special as your wedding day. Why don’t you let real professionals give you and your guests exquisite transportation on this very day? Having services Salford and the surrounding areas for many years, Wedding Cars Salford has become a trustworthy partner as far as chauffeuring of wedding couples go.  We have a magnificent assemblage of wedding vehicles and attractive packages to accommodate your transportation needs on your big day. We boast a big team of well-trained and certified chauffeurs who are always ready to attend to your demands. Make us your trusted partner and we shall add a personal touch to your special occasion by offering the best service there is. You will not get just a wedding vehicle but a dream wedding car. Just give us a call to book your car well in advance.

Wedding Cars SalfordOur prices are affordable and all-inclusive. We understand that staying within your budget is one of the most important aspects of your wedding plans. So, call our wedding car hire Salford today to arrange how you can save your money on wedding transportation. Don’t worry even if you are making a last-minute booking; we have a corresponding surprise for you if your wedding is in the next 72 or 48 hours. Also, we will reserve a bridal party combo including a limousine to make your bridesmaids and groomsmen happy. Make reservations at any time and any day. Call for pricing details of your grand entrance!


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Do you want to arrive in a chauffeur-driven Stretch Limo instead of a classic car? Or would you rather ride in Rolls Royce to your wedding reception? Whatever you want, wedding car hire Salford is perfect for you. Our luxurious service features the most coveted wedding cars not only in the UK but also the entire world. Luxury wedding car rentals are our specialty not to mention exclusive limousine services. Trust in us and you will never have to worry where you’re going. We will drive you safely to your destination where you can relax after saying, ‘Yes, I do”.  We will gladly extend our unique chauffeuring services anywhere in the UK. You deserve luxury, privacy, personal attention, and dignity for the most special occasion of your life. Only a chauffeur-driven VIP wedding car can give you this.


Most of the dream wedding cars are not made in the UK but at wedding cars Salford, we have access to hundreds of models from across the board, allowing couples or wedding planners to hire the rarest and stunning vehicles the world can offer. We have become a popular option for people not only in Salford but in the entire Greater Manchester region as well. We have been expanding our fleet over time and defined our company as the best wedding car rental in the market. Our vehicles feature comfy interiors, affordable prices, and the wow factor you just need on the wedding day. Take a look at some of the popular options we have in store for your upcoming wedding.


  • Bentley Flying Spur: This car screams comfort at every inch. It is deemed as one of the timeless classics in the car hire industry. The Spur is fitted with hand-stitched leather that surrounds you with the ultimate comfort in addition to modern features and traditional design.
  • Range Rover Sport: There is a growing trend of 4×4 wedding vehicles with the Range Rover dominating in the popularity chart of wedding car hire Salford. The car has an iconic design plus a humble British ensemble, offering both an immense style and comfort for spectacular wedding photos.
  • Lincoln Towncar Limo: It is one of the most booked cars on our list. It definitely all the tests with a long body that gives unrivaled presence during the operation. It can be a great option for transporting your family members given that it accommodates 8 people. It is also a wonderful choice for a bride with a long dress, especially when accompanied by her bridesmaids.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom Hire Salford: Inherently British, Rolls Royce sports an air of sophistication and class that most couples dream of. Take the Phantom model for instance; its smooth and transcendent floor is arguably one of the most demanded styles for traditional occasions. Then there is the Rolls Royce Ghost which is relatively smaller but impressive. It exhibits a wealth of desirable characteristics like spaciousness, luxurious interiors, and champagne holders. What more could you ask as you hit the road in a distinctively designed vehicle as this one?
  • Mercedes S Class: It showcases an executive design. No wonder it preferred by the vast majority of newlyweds as they head out for their honeymoon. What’s more, it is available in different colors. At Wedding Cars Salford, we help you pick the design that suits your wedding theme.
  • Jaguar XF: It is yet another British car model we proudly offer our esteemed clients. It is a close competitor to the Mercedes S Class. With an attitude at every wheel turn and unmatched beauty, it is the perfect complement to wedding celebrations.
  • Audi Q7 Limo: If you need a more outlandish means of transport, we recommend you to check Audi Q7 Limousine. It provides a perfect balance of stretched limos and 4×4’s. The model is quite rare and provides the perfect touch of originality that your guests will keep talking about for months after your biggest celebration.
  • Bentley Mulsanne: Mulsanne is the flagship car of Bentley. It has an impressive cabin environment for happy couples, taking numerous inspirations from Arnage and working with an air of refinement and class. Contact wedding car hire Salford to book Bentley Mulsanne.
  • Ferrari Italia: Modern brides and grooms have fallen in love with Ferrari Italia. Nothing compares to its glazed red exterior and the impression it leaves on the onlookers.


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Safety, reliability, comfort, timeliness, and professionalism are what we assure you. Whether your wedding venue is far from your home or honeymoon destination, don’t worry because wedding cars Salford accommodates all wedding transportation needs. Don’t have a wedding planner? No worries. We can recommend you to the best organizers who can handle your event plans with precision.

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